Write a Valentine Letter to a most important person;
Mother, Father, sister, brother. Here's a helpful List to start you on your way. (...previous page)

A Mother's Checklist

_____ Gives me hugs
_____ Gives me lots of kisses
_____ Reads stories to me
_____ listens to my stories
_____ takes me to counselors
_____ Plays with me
_____ lets me play jokes on her
_____ combs my hair
_____ buys clothes for me
_____ buys toys for me
_____ buys food for me
_____ buys me new shoes
_____ lets me play with my friends
_____ Takes me for walks
_____ Goes bicycle riding with me
_____ Drives me to school
_____ Takes me to the zoo
_____ Takes me to the ocean
_____ Washes my clothes
_____ Cooks good food for me
_____ Makes my bed
_____ Loves me more than anyone else in the world
_____ Puts bandages on my hurts
_____ Gives me great birthday parties
_____ teaches me to be honest
_____ Talks to me
_____ Makes me feel pretty
_____ Makes me feel handsome
_____ Compliments me when I do good in school
_____ Teaches me to dance and sing
_____ Likes to watch me dance
_____ Answers my questions
_____ Listens to me
_____ When my mother is happy I feel good
_____ loves me for who I am
_____ teaches me to say please and thank you
_____ Takes me to church
_____ Lets me know I am important to her
_____ is honest with me
_____ I trust my mother
_____ keeps me safe from harm
_____ lets me visit my friends and family
_____ lets me wear fingernail polish
_____ teaches me how to put on makeup
_____ makes sure I am dressed for the weather
_____ loves me even when I act unlovable
_____ goes to parent teacher meetings
_____ takes care of me when I am sick
_____ Takes me to see grandma and grandpa
_____ makes me feel better when I am sad
_____ Comforts me when I have bad dreams
_____ Compliments me when I do a good job
_____ Praises me when I get good grades in school
_____ Teaches me how to share
_____ Thanks me when I help her with the chores
_____ Lets me cook food and make cakes
_____ Protects me from rain storms
_____ Teaches me about my body changes
_____ Makes me feel safe in my house
_____ Teaches me not to lie or steal
_____ Asks me how my day went
_____ Takes me to the grocery store
_____ is patient with me
_____ makes sure I eat the right foods
_____ wants me to be a good person
_____ watches my dance recitals
_____ takes pictures of me
_____ makes crafts with me
_____ paints with me
_____ draws and colors with me
_____ lets me watch my favorite TV shows
_____ Lets me listen to the radio
_____ reminds me to brush my teeth
_____ reminds me to take a bath or shower
_____ keeps my house clean
_____ keeps my yard clean
_____ worries about me
_____ lets me have a messy room
_____ gives me snacks
_____ smiles at me
_____ teaches me to respect all people
_____ makes me feel peaceful and safe inside
_____ adopted me
_____ knows what to do when I cry
_____ is a really nice person
_____ gives me good advice
_____ solves problems for me
_____ will never abandon me
_____ will always love me forever
_____ inspires me to do my best
_____ makes me proud
_____ doesn't let me do bad things
_____ likes to help me
_____ makes me feel better when I am disappointed
_____ helps me make gingerbread houses
_____ tucks me into bed
_____ tells me she loves me
_____ loves me for no reason
_____ is always there when things go wrong
_____ lets me make mistakes
_____ teaches me right from wrong
_____ has never abandoned me

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