What is a Mother's Job?

busy bee valentine flower1200Mother's Love Checklist

Sometimes it helps to remind children and family members of the importance of a Mother's love. When my grand daughter was around 6 years old we put our heads together and wrote out some qualities each of us admired most about our own mothers. Use this check list to help a child write a love letter to Mother for Valentine's day, Mother's day or any day.

Personalize this list to a specific child by adding special events and activities that every child uniquely experiences due to their Mother's influence.

Encourage but don't coach. By allowing the child to select which response to include in his or her love letter to Mom the experience will be more meaningful and memorable to both mother and child.

Read each item on the list as a question to the child and check off the questions as you go (so you don't repeat yourself later).
Example: "Does it make you feel loved when your Mother gives you hugs? etc...

Provide lined stationery, valentine or Mother's Day cards, plain drawing paper, crayons or markers. A nice touch is to also provide heart shaped stickers so the child can decorate to their heart's content.

Grandparent / Grandchild Activity

Another good family oriented project is the Easy Child's Family Tree.

Print on regular white or colored 8 1/2" x 11" paper. 

Print Version

  • Gives me hugs
  • Gives me lots of kisses
  • Reads stories to me
  • listens to my stories
  • takes me to counselors
  • Plays with me
  • lets me play jokes on her
  • combs my hair
  • buys clothes for me
  • buys toys for me
  • buys food for me
  • buys me new shoes
  • lets me play with my friends
  • Takes me for walks
  • Goes bicycle riding with me
  • Drives me to school
  • Takes me to the zoo
  • Takes me to the ocean
  • Washes my clothes
  • Cooks good food for me
  • Makes my bed
  • Loves me more than anyone else in the world
  • Puts bandages on my hurts
  • Gives me great birthday parties
  • teaches me to be honest
  • Talks to me
  • Makes me feel pretty
  • Makes me feel handsome
  • Compliments me when I do good in school
  • Teaches me to dance and sing
  • Likes to watch me dance
  • Answers my questions
  • Listens to me
  • When my mother is happy I feel good
  • loves me for who I am
  • teaches me to say please and thank you
  • Takes me to church
  • Lets me know I am important to her
  • is honest with me
  • I trust my mother
  • keeps me safe from harm
  • lets me visit my friends and family
  • lets me wear fingernail polish
  • teaches me how to put on makeup
  • makes sure I am dressed for the weather
  • loves me even when I act unlovable
  • goes to parent teacher meetings
  • takes care of me when I am sick
  • Takes me to see grandma and grandpa
  • makes me feel better when I am sad
  • Comforts me when I have bad dreams
  • Compliments me when I do a good job
  • Praises me when I get good grades in school
  • Teaches me how to share
  • Thanks me when I help her with the chores
  • Lets me cook food and make cakes
  • Protects me from rain storms
  • Teaches me about my body changes
  • Makes me feel safe in my house
  • Teaches me not to lie or steal
  • Asks me how my day went
  • Takes me to the grocery store
  • is patient with me
  • makes sure I eat the right foods
  • wants me to be a good person
  • watches my dance recitals
  • takes pictures of me
  • makes crafts with me
  • paints with me
  • draws and colors with me
  • lets me watch my favorite TV shows
  • Lets me listen to the radio
  • reminds me to brush my teeth
  • reminds me to take a bath or shower
  • keeps my house clean
  • keeps my yard clean
  • worries about me
  • lets me have a messy room
  • gives me snacks
  • smiles at me
  • teaches me to respect all people
  • makes me feel peaceful and safe inside
  • adopted me
  • knows what to do when I cry
  • is a really nice person
  • gives me good advice
  • solves problems for me
  • will never abandon me
  • will always love me forever
  • inspires me to do my best
  • makes me proud
  • doesn't let me do bad things
  • likes to help me
  • makes me feel better when I am disappointed
  • helps me make gingerbread houses
  • tucks me into bed
  • tells me she loves me
  • loves me for no reason
  • is always there when things go wrong
  • lets me make mistakes
  • teaches me right from wrong
  • has never abandoned me