Blank Kachina Masks

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001 blank1200Blank Templates Masks 

Blank masks for creating your own designs. These are the same formats that form the basis of most of the katsina mask crafts in this web site. Print and decorate this mask in the manner of the kachina it represents, or just get creative and make up your own kachina spirit mask. Dream or imagine a theme for a personal kachina spirit then decorate with markers, crayons, feathers, colored felt, foam, fur or beads to add dimension and realism to your color book creation.

Kachina Mask Formats

Print and trace the designs onto multi-color fun craft foam sheets to create pliable and colorful soft face masks. Use left over trimmings of foam pieces to cut and paste intricate designs and shapes onto the mask. For best results print on heavy duty vellum paper or card stock. All paper mask designs are printable on regular or heavy duty 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Print landscape mode for larger masks, portrait setting for smaller masks.