Flowers Color Book Blossoms

three tulips1200Color Book Flowers

Make your own bouquet of beautiful paper flowers. Paper flowers make wonderful decorations and are perfect for child crafts. Learn how to make different kinds of paper flowers for decorating or just plain old fashioned, hands-on fun. With a few snips, folds, and imagination you can make beautiful hanging flowers, handcrafted wedding centerpieces or table settings, soft ornaments, lovely bridal bouquets or thoughtful gifts in a range of floral varieties.

The best things about spring is you can find inspiring colorful blossoms just about everywhere. Gorgeous flower crafts for children to enjoy designing, coloring and creating to welcome spring in your home or classroom.

  • Materials suggested
  • Scissors
  • Colorful tissue paper
  • Various colors of construction paper
  • Paper straws
  • Lengths of flexible wire
  • Glue or paste
  • Tape
  • Pens, pencils, crayons of markers
  • Fabric
  • beads,
  • paint,
  • glitter,
  • ribbon,
  • yarn,
  • cotton balls,
  • feathers

PS: the list of materials is as endless as your imagination!

Cut out a variety of different colored flower petals. Glue the petals together to create a garland. Give your blossoms stems by gluing them onto craft wires, paper straws or pencils.

These flowers and blossoms are a mish-mash of designs and doodles I've illustrated over the years, mixed in with abstract kaleidoscope flowery images created in my art program. Print as window decals or on magnets sheets to make sun catcher, window decorations or refrigerator magnets to hold notes and shopping lists. Trace onto cloth or foam sheets to make soft novelty bauble to hang on the holiday Christmas tree.

Hobby Hints: Embroider or crochet the design onto pillow cases and hanker chiefs, embellish dull articles of clothing with clusters of colorful blossoms.