Trees and Leaves Color Book

palmtrees1200Trees, Leaves and Tall Plants

Trees have existed on Earth for 370 million years. You can find many different types and species of trees almost everywhere in every world, even in the frigid Arctic regions. My earliest recollection of trees is when my family lived in Northern California with the Giant Sequoias and California Redwoods for my back yard playground. I loved prowling the moss covered forest floor looking for btight, pink Lady Slipper flowers and yellow and black Salamanders in rippling creek water. Once I happened upon a baby fawn that appeared to have his hoof caught in the branches of a fallen tree. As I approached to help, however, he managed to wriggle free and run away. It was undoubtedly for the best since mama deer can be quite dangerously protective.

These tree and foliage printable images may be used as patterns for creating paper, foam or cloth holiday season ornaments. Make beautiful Christmas theme ornaments which can easily be applied to Shrink Art Projects to create color book stained glass ornaments or sun catchers for brilliant holiday cheer, or as hand-made gifts.

Christmas trees come in all forms. Artificial Christmas Trees are a great way to save money and use each year. Home made ornaments from your kids look great on these types of trees.

Use these designs to make place mats or drink coasters and other holiday seasonal decorations. Embroider or crochet the designs onto pillow cases and handkerchiefs, or make soft cloth covered stuffed tree baubles.