Tools & Technology Inventions

helm1200Scientific and Technological Inventions

Inventions make the world go around. These days we don't think about candles or cooking pots as technology but at one time these simple tools were the science of the time and undoubtedly all the rage and in high demand.

The earliest direct evidence of tool usage was discovered in the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia. The tools found there date back to 2.5 million years ago.

The term technology developed as a process of discovery combined with evolution. Technology is the result of science and engineering and includes tools, machinery, procedures, crafts, systems and methods of organization that solve a problem or perform a specific function to help humans and some animal species to manipulate natural environments. Some primates and dolphin species are known to have developed simple tools and pass the knowledge to other members of their communities.

Animal Tool-Makers

Chimpanzees have been recorded using tools for foraging for food. West African chimpanzees have been seen using stone hammers to crack nuts. Other primitive tools include leaf sponges and sticks for probing termite mounds.

The first human made implements were from available natural resources converted into simple tools primarily in the form of choppers or scrapers. Bones, antlers and wood tools were used to scrape animal hides, and the mineral flint was used to make spears and arrow heads. Rocks were used for pounding food items such as acorns into meal for cooking.

Things Invented in the Name of Progress

Science knowledge and critical thinking are very important skills for children to learn. These images represent just a teensy amount of these inventions designed to make our lives easier.