Totem Pole Characters Backgrounds

pueblo sunbg1200Native American & Pacific Northwestern

Totem Theme Backgrounds

The totem and Native American theme backgrounds are inspired from illustrations available on "Paper Kachinas" and "Paper Totempoles."

Landscapes include:

  • Decorated lodges
  • Pueblos
  • Snowfall
  • Teepees
  • Totem poles




Scenic backgrounds might come in handy, not only for interesting wallpaper for the pc or laptop, but as backgrounds in photo frames or playful dioramas.

Cut the pre-colored images into strips to weave kinte style table mats pieces. Divide the images into uneven squares and reassemble to create a mosaic or fun impromptu puzzles.

Laminate to create colorful coasters for glasses and mugs.

Fold into decorative paper snowflakes - who says snowflakes have to be white? These scenic gems not only make great backgrounds but are fun to paint or color too.

The scenic images are a bit like paint by numbers sheets but without those messy numbers. Paint by number kits are fun for a while but blank canvas is always preferable for the creative process to truly grow. Most of these theme backgrounds have a coloring book version located somewhere in Scissorcraft websites.

Print or save the background images and use to display photographs or desktop wallpaper.