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For many years my father and I loved to haunt the thrift stores and garage sales. When I was a child I used to love it when Father would bring home big boxes of colored chalk that he picked up at a thrift shop or yard sale. I also remember eureka moments whenever I could get my hands on a piece or two of broken plaster board. These impromptu art tools were invaluable for me as a kid who loved to spend hours drawing mazes, labyrinths and hop scotch games on the concrete driveway in front of my house. My two favorite chalk activities were hopscotch and making giant spiral labyrinths (only I didn't know that I was drawing labyrinths, I just called them my snail spirals.


Mazes and Labyrinths is just what the doctor ordered for those of us who choose to live in the slow lane or want to get out of the cacophony of mindless chatter and noise that seems to be the Internet today.

How to Tell a Labyrinth from a Maze:

  • lotus blossomLabyrinths: are geometric unicursal patterns that define sacred space. There is only one entrance to a path marked with designated areas for meditative pauses that leads to a predetermined destination, usually the center of the design. Many people use labyrinths as a spiritual pilgrimage to a sacred mental place.
  • Mazes: are muticursal patterns which are more complex with several paths or branches and dead ends through which the solver must find a route to the destination.

These mazes and labyrinth design printable images do not solve themselves. The games in this website do not play themselves. All games and puzzles in this site require a modicum of grey matter effort. Why bother with such boring old stuff in this day and age of instant gratification? Of course, children need to learn computer technology in order to succeed in the rat-race that is to be their future, but no one in a board meeting will ever ask your child to solve a simple labyrinthSuduko game or display the success of their facebook farmville factory.

Children should learn hands-on tangible crafts of all kinds in order to develop cognitive, reasoning skills, to actually discover the how's and why's of the way things work. Sit down with your child and show them how to make a chalk maze or labyrinth to actually produce something tangible that they can look at with pride and understanding.

These mazes and labyrinth images are fairly accurate, black and white, artistic renditions and illustrations of historic maze and labyrinth designs as well as whimsical puzzles, mazes and labyrinths of my own creation to print and color. Parents and teachers may use these images for creating lesson plans and other educational purposes.

There are many external links throughout Maze and Labyrinth pages that open new windows to online resources, reference and photos. For quality indepth studies of Maze and Labyrinth subject matter, please refer to the references page for more expert resources.