Gingerbread Houses and Buildings

gingerbread house1200Gingerbread Houses

Practice decorating gingerbread houses with these printables.  Paper Gingerbread Patterns web site has a cool collection of gingerbread house A-Frames and Castles along with regular houses to use as patterns for baking gingerbread structures.  The gingerbread houses in this section are based upon those patterns.  

Years ago I purchased  'A Field Guide to American Houses' because I wanted to learn about the different types of architecture and styles of houses.  I learned that taxes (or tax evasion) have played a part in house design. 
In 1696, King William III levied a window tax.  As a result people boarded up windows to evate the new tax bill.  The French mansard style is the original design specifically intended to lower the tax bite for the owners of the property.   The Mansard roof is purposely constructed with the walls slanting inward at the top to provide the smallest roof possible.
  It might be a fun project to examine various architectural styles and apply to gingerbread houses.  The kiddies will learn a lot about construction of houses while decorating candy houses.