Geometric Ornament Cut Ups

decagon003 1200Geometric Shaped Ornaments

Geometric shaped printable Christmas and holiday ornaments useful for introducing math and concepts of geometry. A good activity might be to have children print and color each geometric shape ornament, then identify the shape by name and dimension.

Large images for giant, over-sized ornaments perfect for decorating the classroom, large Christmas trees, hanging in the window house all the while learning about various mathematical shapes.

Once the concept of geometry is introduced take a look at all the shapes surrounding you. Whether constructed of concrete, wood or straw every tool we use involves one or a combination of geometric shapes. Homes, houses buildings all a are constructed of squares, rectangles and triangles. Some houses have round windows or are constructed using the geodesic dome. The Disneyworld theme park in Orlando Florida features a huge geodesic dome which resembles a giant golf-ball.

Geometric Shaped Child Crafts