Potato food Color Book

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Cooking can be funny, at least in hindsight. Haven't we all experienced the punjent aroma of smoke alarm pizza or the sight of a bright purple salad when all you added was a tad too much diced red-cabbage. When I see scalloped potatoes I think of "Scalped" potatoes with an embarrassed hotdog as a barber. Why? It's all about the "nyuck, nyuck, nyuck" as funnyman Curly used to say in the Three Stooges.

Sweet potatoes were brought to Europe by Portuguese traders in 1560, introduced to Spain in mid 1600's and cultivated in colonial Virginia by 1648. The sweet potato became a popular food from Europe to Africa to India and beyond. Potatoes are fun and easy to grow your own. I keep dirt/compost filled whiskey barrels in the back yard for just that purpose. When I find any potato starting to sprout in the cupboard, I cut off that portion and toss the eyes and sprouts in the barrels and cover wih about 3 inches of soil. In a few short weeks there will be potato plants sprouting up everywhere.

Home grown potatoes produce pretty flowers that attract bees and butterflies which to pollinate your garden. You'll know when the potatoes are ready to pick when the leaves wither and the stems die. The weather here is mild enough that I leave potatoes unharvested in the ground all year long. Never fails, when I need a tuber I can find one. I do buy potatoes from the grocery from time to time and add them to the barrels. Maybe some day a brand new species will evolve.

Potato recipes are found everywhere in the world today. Here's a list of tasty tuber treats.