Shirts and Tees

tuxedo shirt1200Shirts and Tee Shirts

My all time favorite garment is the no-button, pull on tee shirt. T shirts are generally known as short-sleeved, collarless casualwear garments. The Tee evolved from 19th century one-piece "union suit," long handles or long johns, a style of long, thermal, wool underwear. Thermal underwear is great for people who work in cold climates, but people working in warmer climates decided to cut the bottom portion of the long underwear away and only wear the tops. Eventually the cut off shirts became known as Tee-shirts.

Tees became popular after they were issued by the U.S. Navy around the time of the Spanish American war. The crew-necked, short-sleeved, white cotton undershirt were designed to be worn under the uniform. Eventually tees became the work shirt of choice by people who worked in hot climates such as military, laborers and farm hands.

Shirts and Tee Shirts

Today, modern tees are worn in almost all countries around the world. Tees now have both short and long sleeve styles and may be decorated with buttons, collars and v-necks. Typically tee shirts are made of light-weight cotton knitted together with the stretchy and soft Jersey stitch.

Tees are often seen emblazoned with fashionable decorations, pictures and text of political slogans and other sentiments to convey humor or and to promote products through advertising slogans. One popular style of decorating is tie-dying, an art form popularized during the 1960's. Tees are made in all shapes and sizes for all ages and sexes.