Bird Theme Ornaments Color Book

turkey ornament1200Ornamental Birds Baubles

Birds are great subjects for art projects.  Birds are in all forms of art works from inspirational masterpieces to simple folk art decorations.  These bird ornaments come from other bird theme images in Scissorcraft web sites. 

It is easy to make a bird ornament.  You just draw two circles like a snowman body then add a triangle for a beak and two circles for eyeballs.  Wings can look as simple as a couple of handprints or drawn with more intricate detail as skills progress. 

Use a hole punch to make the hole for the hanger.  Decorate a Christmas tree or hang the ornaments in a window or on office cubicle walls to bring holiday cheer to yourself and other people in the office.  Color with crayons or markers.  Wipe one side with lemon oil to give the ornament a translucent look.  Print on shrink art paper to make permanent ornaments or charms for bracelets and necklaces.

Decorate for the Holidays

Most of these animal images are new but some are 40 plus years old. At one point in my youth I dreamed of becoming an artist/illustrator and write children's books. That dream never happened, but I hung onto the images anyway. Once I developed the skills to create internet pages these images have been put to good use. Do not know if anyone has a need to color a picture of an hippo in a bath tub or a grumpy pig being flirted with by a sweet and loving pig, or a gorilla eating a cookie...but there you are. Enjoy.

The grand children and I have had many years of fun and good memories making foam decorations for the holidays with these printables. I've created many really cool repeating patterns that are perfect for gift wrap animal themes.