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Potato food Color Book

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french fried potato

Potatoes and Yams

Cooking is fun, but it can also be funny, at least in hindsight.  Who among us has never experienced the aroma of smoke alarm pizza or the sight of bright purple coleslaw when you added just a tad of diced red-cabbage.  
Funny in this page is more like renaming scalloped to "Scalped" potatoes with an embarrassed hotdog as a barber.   nyuk, nyuk, as Curly used to say.

Potatoes are fun to grow.  I keep dirt/compost filled wine barrels out back and frequently toss eyes and sprouts after opening the bin to find potatoes sprouting everywhere.  The potatoes grow and produce pretty flowers that bring bees and butterflies.  When the leaves wither and the stems die there will be potatoes everywhere.  The weather allows me to leave them in the ground all year long.  I still buy potatoes from time to time and add them to the barrels.  Maybe some day a brand new species will evolve.  Ha ha.