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My passions are art: painting, crafting, sculpting and illustrating, complaining about politicians and public speaking at Toastmasters.

I enjoy learning and part of how I learn is by teaching or showing others what I have learned. The act of sharing something learned sort of 'cements' the information together. The more I learn about something, the more I understand about that something and have learned there is mystery in all things. "I know that I know Nothing" is a great place to start when selecting a topic, even one I think I know about :-)

I'm a curious person and, if I may be excused for honking my own horn, have found quite a few interesting subjects to give visitors a wide range of images from which to choose. I research a wide variety of sources for my topics to present as accurate information as possible about the many subjects and illustrations in Scissorcraft, and always open for suggestion to add new themes.

This site isn't exactly a blog as blogs go.  I consider it the grown-up section for Scissorcraft websites.  This is the place where I post documents and images that I like to have on hand myself.  Me: "Where did I put the originals for my over-sized Yahtzee triple score sheets?"  Ah yes, thankfully online!  So much easier than digging through files and folders and piles of assorted papers yet to be filed away in the storage closet. 

I post my favorites here so others can use these items.  What I learn, I share, what I like, I share. This gives me some assemblance of purpose, what can I say, It makes me happy.

triple yatzee scorecard large printOversized Score Cards

I designed oversize score cards for Yahtzee and Generic games so I don't need to wear reading glasses when I play. My husband and I play Yahtzee every day so they really come in handy. Maybe you would like them too.

  • Triple Yahtzee score cards - Oversized
  • Game Score Card - Oversized

Who Can Use My Stuff?

My craft patterns and activities are perfect for schools and other educational institutions. Young or old, scissor craft images are designed to educate, spark conversations, encourage questions, prompt further investigation of topics...and to entertain, always to have fun.

My love of art, illustration and learning encourages and inspires me to share with others.  I never know when a new topic or idea will pop into my cranium.

Simplicity is best. I like to keep the images simple, basic, easy to understand to leave room for the artist to embellish, improve, and not simply color between the lines.  Not that paint by numbers is not valuable in teaching numbers, following directions and being neat, it's just that PBN's don't encourage creativity IMHO. Grass doesn't always have to be green, sometimes it's just fine to use purple and pink.

goofy grape300

Who Visits Scissorcrafts

Who doesn't?   I am constantly amazed at the range of interests who land on this little collection of mine. 

  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Pre-Schools
  • K-12
  • Home Schoolers
  • Religious organizations
  • Senior Care
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Ad Agencies
  • Jewelers
  • City Councils
  • Plumbers
  • Truckers
  • Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker ...I could go on, there's only a few million more :-)


manatee baby bediconImages generally suitable for craft patterns

  • Scrollsaw wood working
  • Needle-point ,embroidery
  • Felt, foam sheets
  • Latch-hook rugs or wall hangings
  • Paper ornaments for holidays
  • Paper decorations for home or office


american eggs in basket All images suitable for:

  • Parties
  • Picnics
  • Long Drives
  • Camping
  • To bring to Grandma's house
  • Family Reunions
  • Alone Time
  • Quality Time
  • Bonding Time
  • As a break from E-Time


I try to cover a wide range of topics and am constantly battling the urge to draw again!

Scissorcraft membership site contains over 40,000 personally illustrated images which I'm constantly updating to improve quality.   Once I begin to examine each image category - well all I can tell you is many changes, many replacements and many deletions ensue. 

Most, if not all images, (hopefully) are available in grey and white format.  I chose grey and white because when kids use markers on images printed with black ink, the ink bleeds into the colors. This gives some finished products sort of fuzzy looking. Grey and white should not have that effect.   I also provide matching pre-colored format just for the heck of it.  It's possible some folks might have a use for quick and easy snowflakes,  ornaments or decorations and backgrounds in photo frames.

Scissorcraft in General


The collection of images in "Scissorcraft for Children" started out very small, originally just a place to put images I would draw for my children and grandchildren. Since then Scissorcraft has ballooned into 40 thousand images at least and in no danger of stopping.   

I believe all children, regardless of age, skill level, or ability, should have access to creative outlets to gain exposure to basic principles of mathematics, history and culture. 


Your's Truly at Age One (Pat)

Pat Kelley age one

Your's Truly's Spouse at Age One (Harold)

wayne baby