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Make a Game Spinner

For Bingo and other games that use spinners.

 Construct the Number Spinner

number spinnerth

Print the number spinner on 8'1/2 x 11" paper or card stock.

The spinner can be cut out into a circle shape or left on the square or rectangle base.

If you want a circular spinner, cut out both the circle and arrow parts.

Glue or paste the circle onto cardboard - or print directly onto stiff cardstock paper.
Punch hole in the center of the circle where the lines intersect.

Punch hole in the bottom end of the spinner arrow (cut out also)

Insert brass brad through the arrow, through the card. Bend the brad ends to loosely hold the arrow to the card.

Important: The brad needs to be loose enough to easily spin the arrow.


Note: If you cut the spinner into a circle, make sure you leave at least a 1/2" border so you can hold the spinner without the arrow hitting your fingers as it turns.