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Birds Roosters, Chickens and Other Fowl

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love bird swans valentine balloon1200Valentine's Day Birds

A strutting rooster might crow "I'm cock-a-doodle-do over you!"  Would a doggy howl at the moon for you? Would a duck splash head over flippers? These Valentine's Day doves, owls, peacocks and kissing swans can create quite the cacophany of imaginary sweet heart sentiments. Decorate a zoological aviary for Valentine's Day and decorate with crayons or markers. Create hanging ornaments, latch hook rugs or laminate the pages to use as place mats.

These birds make cute, enjoyable gifts children can easily make themselves to go along with Valentine's Day envelopes or as Valentine cards to print on specialized paper, refrigerator magnets, home-made transparencies and window appliques.

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